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FuseRock PETG-CF 1KG spool 1.75mm Black
FuseRock PETG-CF 1KG spool 1.75mm Black

FuseRock PETG-CF 1KG spool 1.75mm Black


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Material Properties

Fuserock PETG-CF: Advanced PETG with Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Innovative Composition: Fuserock PETG-CF is a remarkable blend of PETG and carbon fiber, designed to transform your 3D printing experience. This special formulation significantly reduces nozzle clogging and clumping, challenges often associated with traditional PETG.

Enhanced Printing Quality: With Fuserock PETG-CF, experience smoother printing and consistently high-quality results. This material is engineered to overcome common printing obstacles, facilitating a more efficient and enjoyable printing process.

Exceptional Strength and Durability: The addition of carbon fiber to the PETG matrix in Fuserock PETG-CF results in a material that boasts superior strength. It is the ideal choice for applications that demand high impact resistance, such as durable drone parts, high-speed racing models, and various functional components.

Aesthetically Pleasing Finish: Fuserock PETG-CF doesn't just perform exceptionally; it also looks great. The material maintains a shiny finish, adding an attractive sheen to your 3D printed projects.

Precision for Complex Projects: Perfect for detailed and demanding projects, Fuserock PETG-CF excels in producing intricate parts for drones and racing models, where precision and material integrity are paramount.

Targeted Improvement in Printability: We've specifically enhanced Fuserock PETG-CF to address and reduce clumping and stringing issues. Its refined formula ensures a smoother flow and adherence during printing, leading to fewer interruptions and a better overall printing experience.

Versatility for Various Applications: Whether you're an enthusiast or a professional, Fuserock PETG-CF is your ideal filament. It strikes the perfect balance between durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Step up your 3D printing game with Fuserock PETG-CF – a synergy of advanced material science and practical application.


PropertyTesting methodTypical value
DensityISO 11831.23 g/cm³
Glass transition temperatureISO 1135778℃
Melt index230℃,2.16kg4.5g/10min
Determination of temperatureISO 75: Method A74℃ (1.8MPa)
Determination of temperatureISO 75: Method B77℃ (0.45MPa)
Tensile strength(X-Y)ISO 52746.11±0.75 MPa
Elongation at YieldISO 5273.56±0.05%
Young's ModulusISO 5272616±25MPa
Tensile breaking strengthISO 52741.70±0.98 MPa
Elongation at breakISO 5275.53±0.22%
Tensile breaking strength (Z)ISO 52725.1±1.9MPa
Elongation at break (Z)ISO 5271.81±0.3%
Young’s modulus (Z)ISO 5271856±41MP
Elongation at break (Z)ISO 5271.55 ± 0.12 %
Bending strength (X-Y)ISO 17866.80±1.32MPa
Bending Modulus (X-Y)ISO 1782291±42MPa
Charpy impact strength (X-Y)ISO 1795.11±1.01 KJ/㎡

Specimens printed under the following conditions: Nozzle size 0.4mm,Nozzle temp 250°C, Bed temp 75°C, Print speed 40mm/s, Infill 100%, Infill angle ±45°

Recommended printing conditions

Nozzle Temperature240-260°C
Recommended Nozzle Diameter0.4-1.0mm
Recommended build surface treatmentGlass、PEI Film or Coating with PVP glue
Build plate temperature70-80 °C
Raft separation distance0.2-0.25mm
Cooling fan speed≤50%
Print speed30-60 mm/s
Retraction distance2-5 mm
Retraction speed1800-2400 mm/min
Printing Tips: 1、The wear resistance of copper nozzle is poor. It is recommended to use stainless steel or hardened steel nozzle to print, which can effectively improve the printing quality. 2、Please put filament into a dry box, which can effectively reduce the oozing, rough surface and so on.